Friday, August 21, 2009

Product review: Beauty Foot

This is called "magic skin peeling foot mask" made by L'egere. yup! the same brand as one of the most raved BB cream. I had to pick one up while I was in Taiwan to try it out, even though it cost me......i think $599TWD (around $18-19US) for one pair in the box, so it's for one time use only!

How to use it:
1. take out the foot masks from it's package, cut along the dotted line
2. now, put ur foot in it! (be carefully, don't let the liquid inside spill out)
3. Peel off the red tape
4. cover and secure the foot mask so it wouldn't fall off. rub ur foot to get the liquid on every part of skin(now u can wear socks over it to let the mask stay close to ur skin)
5. remove the mask after 1-1.5hr
6. wash thoroughly, pad try w/ towel
On the 5th-7th day, ur skin will start to peel like in the picture, some ppl's peeling process would last longer, some shorter. From my experience, soaking ur feet would help it peel a lot faster. Here are some ingriedients listed here, I am not translating everything, but the main ingriedient is BHA-Beta Hydroxy Acid

Her before pic! I think mine was worse than hers!

I grabbed these pics from one of the Taiwanese websites. I wish I could take my own, but it was really gross n I still haven't found my camera battery charger

Even around ur nails and the back of ur foot! I haven't seen my skin so soft for years!

Baby soft skin!

It is a little uncofortable when wearing the mask, because the material is plastic, and ur feet would be tingling from the BHA. It's also quite expensive, but the end result is so worth it!!!!
I actually found some cheaper one's made by other companies in Taiwan, online and on shopping channels. I've asked my mom to send me some. Hope they will work the same, and I'll do another review or comparison after i try those out!

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