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Friday, August 21, 2009

Product review: Beauty Foot

This is called "magic skin peeling foot mask" made by L'egere. yup! the same brand as one of the most raved BB cream. I had to pick one up while I was in Taiwan to try it out, even though it cost me......i think $599TWD (around $18-19US) for one pair in the box, so it's for one time use only!

How to use it:
1. take out the foot masks from it's package, cut along the dotted line
2. now, put ur foot in it! (be carefully, don't let the liquid inside spill out)
3. Peel off the red tape
4. cover and secure the foot mask so it wouldn't fall off. rub ur foot to get the liquid on every part of skin(now u can wear socks over it to let the mask stay close to ur skin)
5. remove the mask after 1-1.5hr
6. wash thoroughly, pad try w/ towel
On the 5th-7th day, ur skin will start to peel like in the picture, some ppl's peeling process would last longer, some shorter. From my experience, soaking ur feet would help it peel a lot faster. Here are some ingriedients listed here, I am not translating everything, but the main ingriedient is BHA-Beta Hydroxy Acid

Her before pic! I think mine was worse than hers!

I grabbed these pics from one of the Taiwanese websites. I wish I could take my own, but it was really gross n I still haven't found my camera battery charger

Even around ur nails and the back of ur foot! I haven't seen my skin so soft for years!

Baby soft skin!

It is a little uncofortable when wearing the mask, because the material is plastic, and ur feet would be tingling from the BHA. It's also quite expensive, but the end result is so worth it!!!!
I actually found some cheaper one's made by other companies in Taiwan, online and on shopping channels. I've asked my mom to send me some. Hope they will work the same, and I'll do another review or comparison after i try those out!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Wow! can't believe I neglected my blog 4 this long, but I can't find my camera charger, and have been kinda busy and a part just plain laziness....... but hopefully i'll find my charger soon, cuz i just got back from Taiwan, n did a lot of shopping. I really miss the food n the ppl, they are very kind n friendly. i even miss the weather even tho it's so hot n humid, but my skin is more suited in that kind of weather, it always looks better when i'm there.
Last, I kept hearing so much good things about SK-II products, about how their customers are very loyal, once they start using it, they are afraid to use anything else, so I was so tempted to pick up a bottle of the most famous Facial Treatment Essence, then the price stopped me. but i was so tempted, therefore i finally picked up a basic trial set 4 around $60US at the airport duty free shop before i came back. it includes facial treatment cleansing oil 34ml, facial treatment cleanser 20g, facial treatment clear lotion 75ml, and facial treatment essence 75ml. So far I really like it and hope to do a review soon, IF i can find my charger......
That's it 4 now, later!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Haul n More!!!

This is what I ordered from I love online shopping, a pair of boots n two t's, total $50!!!!! can't find no deals like that here in canada! not to even mention the 13 or 14% tax.

Last monday, 5th, was my son's birthday, can't believe he's 8 now, he'll be driving in another 8 years!!!!......sigh......i'm getting old....sigh.......

Doesn't my babydaddy look old here? lol, i think it's the lighting making his hair look all gray

They grow up too fast, look how much he's changed.......n the babydaddy,
I really miss it when he was a baby!!!!!

My First Hat!!!!!!!

I was inspired by L since she started crochet, so I made my daughter a touk n a scarf. I've made scarves before, but never tried hats and it's actually easier than i thought!!!!!
When i was making the scarf, my son asked me to teach him how to crochet!!!! u should see the look on his dad's face lol!!!! he gave up after 5 min. tho......... :P It's weird that my son has more of my personality, n my daughter's more like him, so rough n aggressive n Bossy!!!!

She reminds me ot this Korean star, Rain, in these pics, doesn't she???? I think it's the small eyes n big lips! lol

Thursday, January 15, 2009

L'egere Shiny Pearl BB cream review + YU-BE cream

I finally gave in to BB creams, after months of resisting the temptation from many bloggers n some Taiwanese shows, kept telling myself that I don't really need it, I gave in.... I was kinda skeptical about it at first, thought it would probably just be like another tinted moisturizer, but after i tried it, I fell in "LOVE" the very first time i put it on my face!!!!!! L'egere Water Drop Shiny Pearl Blemish Balm Cream is what I've been using for a lil over a week. This is the new upgrade formula in the pink packaging according to this insert from inside of the box (it's all in chinese so i didn't take a pic). It's oil free, water-proof n sweat-proof!!!!

small print on the bottom: Aqua moisture + sun protect + make up base + skin cover + foundations + skin care

Description on the back


I think the color is neutral, so it should match most skin tones, if not all.....

my skin is more even and it glows after

I even tried it on RIGHT HALF of my son's face to show u that it'll work on darker skin tones. this is when i just put it on so it does seem a lil lighter than the left side, but like it says on the box, it will match ur skin tone after 15 minutes!!!

I really love this BB cream, I've heard some BB creams can make ur skin grayish, but this one matches my skin perfect!!!! I don't think I can live without it now!!!! It has tiny sparkles in it, but it's very fine, not over the top like Eyeko cream. I'm not scared to put this on my entire face. It gives me a natural glow n highlight. I think it's good for my skin too because I fell asleep one night w/ it on, I woke up w/ skin looking even better than the night before!!! Of course, it's recommended that u take it off w/ cleanser at the end of day. The coverage is light to med, so some ppl might need to use a concealer. what i do is after i apply it on my entire face, i would "dab" or "pat" on a lil extra on areas that needs more coverage. I'm still willing to try others, because I love testing out different things, so I ordered Dr Jart black label n Missha perfect cover the other day, can't wait to try them too!!!!!

So, I can't stop checking out my skin in the mirror for the past week!!! Thanks to L'egere n Yu-be. Yes!!! it's my the other new love!!!! My skin always act up when seasons change, especially winter. as I age, it gets worse every year as well. A week ago, I was still frustrated w/ my skin, it would be oily, greasy and dry all at the sames time. it's weird, my skin felt tight, but when i looked in the mirror, it was oily. if i put less moisturizer, it's not enough, if i put too much, i would get a million of tiny bumps on my cheeks, forehead and chin. i don't know what they were...maybe blackheads n whiteheads??? my skin looked irritated, and i looked 10 years older.

That's when I received my sample of Yu-be cream, which i originally ordered to try it on my daughter because she has eczema. After reading about the cream, I thought, why not try it on my face. I didn't really think it would work, I thought it might clog my pores, but my skin was so bad, i didn't think it could get worse, so I put it on that night, and I woke up the next morning, I could already see a difference in my skin. It really calmed my skin down, less bumps, n skin more even. it's been a lil over a week, i wake up w/ glowing skin every morning n i haven't even tried it on my daughter yet :P because i don't want to run out of the samples before I receive the full size one. All I put on is just a pea size for my whole face at night, n in the morning I use a lil less because I wouldn't put on my T-zone. It has the menthol smell, but it'll disappear soon after u apply

This is w/ Yu-be, Legere, Milani Luminous on the apples and a tiny bit of EDM original glow in beige neutral on my t-zone and the triangle area under my eye to give extra highlight

The red dot is not a pimple, it's broken blood vessle :P

Note: I got my L'egere from Taiwan and it's way cheaper than ebay, if i get a number of ppl interested, i could order in a lot which cuts down shipping cost for me and give u a better deal. If u want to try some samples in a jar, we could work something out, but I'm in canada, shipping cost is generally more costly than the states, tho i live right next to Detroit, it costs $8 tunnel fees there n back, so it would not be cost effective for me to cross the border to ship out some samples

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Yu-be samples!!!!

I've been wanting to try Yu-be for a while since it claims to be #1 selling medicated, vitamin enriched cream in Japan, but didn't want to shell out $20 or $30 bucks for a jar without trying it out first, so i found their website and was glad to find out that they offer samples. I wanna try this mainly on my daughter because she has a really bad case of eczema. Aveeno has been working great on her, but i'm never satisfied, always want to look for something better... They offer two sample packs, one comes w/ 3 yu-be cream sample tubes and the other one comes w/ 1 cream, 1 foaming skin polish and 1 body lotion. They're free, but u have to pay for shipping which is $4.95 ( kinda high) but i added both sample packs in my cart and the total came to $6.95 here's the link if u are interested

This is to show u how small it is

I was kinda disappointed on how small it is and the smell of it reminds me of mentholatum....

Remember this??? my asian ppl?

I'll try this on my daughter for awhile and i'll do a review after!!!!

twit twit!