Saturday, January 3, 2009

Yu-be samples!!!!

I've been wanting to try Yu-be for a while since it claims to be #1 selling medicated, vitamin enriched cream in Japan, but didn't want to shell out $20 or $30 bucks for a jar without trying it out first, so i found their website and was glad to find out that they offer samples. I wanna try this mainly on my daughter because she has a really bad case of eczema. Aveeno has been working great on her, but i'm never satisfied, always want to look for something better... They offer two sample packs, one comes w/ 3 yu-be cream sample tubes and the other one comes w/ 1 cream, 1 foaming skin polish and 1 body lotion. They're free, but u have to pay for shipping which is $4.95 ( kinda high) but i added both sample packs in my cart and the total came to $6.95 here's the link if u are interested

This is to show u how small it is

I was kinda disappointed on how small it is and the smell of it reminds me of mentholatum....

Remember this??? my asian ppl?

I'll try this on my daughter for awhile and i'll do a review after!!!!


  1. Wow...those ARE some teeny samples, but then again FREE is good too. hmmm might be something to try -- i just hate samples sometimes tho -- they get ya hooked on the goods, then you end up ordering full size or some effed up reaction. lol. cute blog mama!

  2. OOOOO I've heard so much about Yu-be! I can't wait for the review!

    Thanks, my eyes are tiny in person, I have to open them wide like no other! -.-; My skin, I wish was flawless, but it's not. It's thanks to bb cream. I'm working on it, hopefully one day I'll flawless skin. My goal is to not have to wear anything on my face except for sunscreen. It's gonna be a loong time if ever before that happens. LOL ^-^
    -Sorry if this is rude but is your name Jenny or Jennifer? J/W cuz my name is Jennifer, nick name Jenni.. ^-^


    u are beautiful and gorgeous

    and your kids are a riot...what a good lookin bunch...

    just wanted to comment you...



  4. @KT they do get u hooked then when u get the full size, it doesn't work anymore....I relly love Yu-be, tho, so hopefully it'll continue to work for me
    @xphoenix06 nothing wrong w/ small eyes, girl, ur eyes are very pretty. i know, i didn't start wearing foundation till i was like 25, i was just looking at some pics back then, i can't believe i didn't have anything on my face, wish i could turn back the clock....sigh.... my name is Jennifer, ppl used to call me Jenny when i was yonger, now they call my Jen most of time
    @pink Thanks!!!! "YOU" are beautiful n gorgeous!!!!!! n I really envy ur style n ur personalties!!!!

  5. uhm girl, i can send you a jar sometime soon, you paid the price of me getting a huge jar tub and a travel size!! (O_o)

  6. So what do you think of the Yu-be products?


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