Saturday, January 3, 2009

X'mas 08' n' from secret santa....

This year, we spent our x'mas at kids' grandma's. Here are just a few pics.....

Look how the kids get spoiled

Their favorite present!!!!! his name is Roy, isn't he cute???

Here's my gift from my ss...... Vanessa!!!! I didn't get to open it on x'mas, because i got it the day before new years eve, but i was still excited to open a gift like it was x'mas again!!!!! Thanks V, for getting me my first mac lip glosses and some eye dust samples!!!!

Here's my daughter trying to pose w/ the gifts, she was moving cuz she thought i had camera on video, she's such performer


  1. YAYYYYYYY! You're blog is gettin some action now! I'm so glad you decided to get this up and running!

    Jenn, you're fam is sooooo beautiful. I love seein' fam pictures.

    And isn't ROY tha cutest gift eva?! I want a dog so badddd girl but we can't have one in the housing we're in right now. The only way is if I have another kid and they move us to the townhouses. Boo.

    I'm glad you had a good Xmas girl!

    Thank you again for everything! <3

  2. yay!! Well not yay that you didnt get it in time but yay that you got it! <33 I hope you enjoy them :)

  3. L: Thanx!!! u should have another one tho, go work on it girl!!!! n i think it's easier when their ages aren't that far apart!!!! roy is so cute, but a lot of work, like taking care another baby!!!!
    V: Thanx!!! i love those lip glosses!!!!

  4. awwww I want a Roy!!! he's so adorable <3


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