Saturday, January 3, 2009

First Entry!!!!

I finally started my own blog after being a "stalker" on other beauty bloggers. Although I love makeup and beauty related things as well as reading other beauty blogs, this is not gonna be one, it's gonna have a little bit of every thing.......whatever i feel like writing about or stuff i wanna get outta my chest or stuff i love, like food and makeup!!!!!...... I've been hesitant to start this blog is because first of all, I'm not a good writer, i really suck at writing, so I apologize for any grammar mistakes i make and feel free to correct me. in school, i would rather do math than writing papers.....i don't know how i got through college w/ all the papers and reports i had to do, i guess i was really good at "copy and paste" :P from here and there, change some words from here and there, so the teachers never suspected plagiarism...... BAD!!!! i know..... but maybe i'll improve my writing skills on here!!!!! Second of all, I don't have the skills like fellow beauty bloggers. even though, i enjoy looking at colorful eye shadows and works others have done, i'm a simple neutral kinda girl. well, I'm a single mom (i'm still w/ their dad, but i practically do everything myself -long story- but i actually like it better that way cuz i don't like it when someone tries to tell me what to do) w/ two kids and a full time student, i'm pretty busy, and i really don't know how to work colors on my small double lids. Last, i think no one is ever gonna read about my boring life, but i got over it, if no one reads it, it's still nice to keep a diary that won't be misplaced, ripped, or drawn on by a lil
Hope i didn't bore y'all yet!!!! so i'll end this one w/ some pics of my family!!!!
This is when she cut her own hair, and i had to fix it to make it look even, that's why her bang so short!!!!

w/ her cousin

he's gonna be 8 in a couple of days!!!!

X'mas 07'

Luv this pic!!!!

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