Friday, January 16, 2009

My First Hat!!!!!!!

I was inspired by L since she started crochet, so I made my daughter a touk n a scarf. I've made scarves before, but never tried hats and it's actually easier than i thought!!!!!
When i was making the scarf, my son asked me to teach him how to crochet!!!! u should see the look on his dad's face lol!!!! he gave up after 5 min. tho......... :P It's weird that my son has more of my personality, n my daughter's more like him, so rough n aggressive n Bossy!!!!

She reminds me ot this Korean star, Rain, in these pics, doesn't she???? I think it's the small eyes n big lips! lol


  1. Yes, AWESOME job on the Touk and scarf! I wish I could do as good of a job as you do when making things like these.

    I now right, my eldest daugther takes on her dad, while my youngest one take on my personality.

    You daughter pose reminds me of Bi Rain, and the Touk just draw ya in. ^-^

  2. Thanks girls!!!!1

    @xphoenix06 u can do it, it's very easy!!!!
    u have two daughters???? lol, she does, n Rain is HOT!!!!!:P

  3. @ J -thanks but I've tried too many times and produced somethings that can't be worn outside of the house :(
    Yeah I have two lil girls, about 13 mo.s apart. LOL yes! :). Rain is hot, but he's starting to catch up to his age in looks. Now there's so many guy k-singers being featured, and they all look like they have better skin then most girls I see. Alot of them are freaking hot! But it makes me sad to know that them guys have prettier looking skin than me. LOL.
    Thanks for the nice comment J, you have to see it in person girl! I'm serious, it HUGE! I do look like a guy, I look like my lil brother..., wish I looked more like my sis. though. Thanks, I wish I had larger eyes though, everyone always think I'm either tired or lazy. LOL ^-^

  4. CUTE!!! That was your first time?? no way.

    My brother and I totaly had the 'switched' personalities when we were growing up, do not worry! Is your daughter the oldest?

  5. Hey! Thanks for the comment. =) Yeah, I loooove Vaseline, isn't it the best thing ever? I can't live without it! I hope you have a wonderful week! XOXO

  6. totally awesome job!!!! its great to be inspired eh? blame it on KT though!!!!

  7. that is soooo cute! i love the little hearts! you blogger babes are too freaking talented.


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