Saturday, July 25, 2009


Wow! can't believe I neglected my blog 4 this long, but I can't find my camera charger, and have been kinda busy and a part just plain laziness....... but hopefully i'll find my charger soon, cuz i just got back from Taiwan, n did a lot of shopping. I really miss the food n the ppl, they are very kind n friendly. i even miss the weather even tho it's so hot n humid, but my skin is more suited in that kind of weather, it always looks better when i'm there.
Last, I kept hearing so much good things about SK-II products, about how their customers are very loyal, once they start using it, they are afraid to use anything else, so I was so tempted to pick up a bottle of the most famous Facial Treatment Essence, then the price stopped me. but i was so tempted, therefore i finally picked up a basic trial set 4 around $60US at the airport duty free shop before i came back. it includes facial treatment cleansing oil 34ml, facial treatment cleanser 20g, facial treatment clear lotion 75ml, and facial treatment essence 75ml. So far I really like it and hope to do a review soon, IF i can find my charger......
That's it 4 now, later!

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  1. You went to Taiwan?! Glad you went before all this craziness with the typhoons, earthquakes and mudslides.

    Can't wait to see you haulage!!! XO!


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